RYA Essential Navigation & Seamanship (ENS)

This popular short theory course is for anyone interested in sailing, motor boating, sea angling or diving, and works well in complementing our on-the-water training.

It’s a highly informative course with lots of opportunities for you to put your new knowledge into practice. If you decide to take the course online, you’ll find many interactive exercises to help reinforce the information and lots of chances to try out what you’ve learned.

Online the course will take 6 – 10 hours, but the beauty of it is that you can work through it at your own speed, whenever and wherever you like. All you need is internet access and your course pack.

In the classroom, the course is taught over 2 days with exercises to complete along the way. We teach a number of things you won’t find in the online course, including the theory of Med mooring, light characteristics, and day

The excellent course pack includes practice charts, course handbook, exercises, electronic chart plotter CD, and a set of navigation instruments (plotter and dividers).

Course topics include:

  • charts and publications
  • safety
  • engine checks
  • buoyage
  • tidal awareness
  • visual and electronic navigation
  • pilotage
  • rules of the road
  • anchoring
  • weather forecasts
  • passage planning

A taster of the course can be seen on the RYA Interactive website (http://www.ryainteractive.org/)

ONLINE COURSE: 150 € including delivery within Europe, (may be additional cost outside Europe if the package needs to be sent by courier).

CLASSROOM COURSE: 330 € per person for 2-day course including accommodation.

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