Looking for an Adventure?

Have you ever dreamed of cruising the blue Aegean sea? Of sailing among the Greek islands? Discovering the countless beaches and other hidden treasures that lie within your reach?

Why charter a yacht in Greece?

Sailing in Greece is a unique and rewarding experience. Greece has hundreds of islands, the majority of them unspoilt by mass tourism. In addition there are countless attractive mainland ports to visit. It’s easy to sail between destinations in a few hours if you don’t want an arduous sail, but there are plenty of opportunities for longer passages for those who are up for more adventure.

For most of the year the climate is very pleasant with warm weather, sunny days and balmy nights. The Greek seas usually have plenty of wind for sailing, with different sailing areas having more or less wind. 

Charter a sailing boat for your summer holidays and you can explore at your leisure. If you like a place you can stay for another day, or you can move on. For less than the price of a hotel and daily transport you have your own self-catering floating home to access your choice of beautiful beaches, ports, and locations. Chartering your own yacht lets you reach beauty spots, caves, and bays, that are hidden or hard to reach with other means of transport. You are free to go wherever you want.

Escape the crowds and plan your own itinerary, visiting a new location every day … or just going where the winds take you.

You will have privacy, as well as freedom, on your own yacht. Most importantly – you can wake up every morning and, with less than three steps, dive into the deep blue sea.

Can’t sail? Ask for a skipper and we will provide a knowledgeable and competent person to guide you on your voyage. Most of our skippers can also instruct if you want to learn how to sail.

Whatever your needs or desires, we can help you have the sailing vacation of your dreams in an Odyssean world of discovery and adventure.

It sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

If you wonder why more and more people choose to charter a yacht for their holiday, the answer is simple: it gives a completely different meaning to the word holiday“.

The cost of sailing may be much less than you expect.
It’s an affordable way to have a truly memorable summer holiday.

Take along your partner, your friends, or your family, for a custom-built sailing journey. We’ll be here at every step, ensuring a unique sailing holiday for you and your loved ones. 

In order to charter one of our yachts bareboat, you’ll need a recognised certificate, such as RYA Day Skipper Practical. You’ll also need at least one other person on board capable of acting as co-skipper, able to assist you with sailing, and using the anchor. If you don’t yet have a qualification, why not take an instructor on board with you for the first 5 days for tuition?

Alternatively, we can provide you with a friendly, experienced skipper who will be delighted to show you around the area, and who will know the best places to visit.

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