Sailing Courses in Greece

Do you dream of sailing in the Greek islands? Imagine cruising on a blue sea past little white churches and high mountains. Picture yourself visiting unspoilt bays, dropping anchor to swim in crystal clear water. Here’s where you can begin to make your dream come true …

About the Aegean Sailing School

The Aegean Sailing School is located on the island of Aegina, just one hour by ferry from Athens! We are a RYA approved sailing centre offering a large range of sailing course for all levels of sailor including the popular RYA Competent Crew course for beginners and the RYA Day Skipper course for those looking to captain their own boat and explore the islands of the Saronic Gulf after their training! We are happy to answer all questions in regards the best sailing course for you or your group, simply contact us to start!

Very impressed with instruction given and learnt a huge amount. At the same time, it was very enjoyable – being with 2 other boats was great fun. It was great!

Robin Buchanan

Learning to Sail in Greece

Learning to Sail in Greece can be one of the most enjoyable experiences you ever have in your life but it’s essential to choose wisely. Everyone is different, so the training that will suit you best is unique to you. It’s important that you find out exactly what that is.

Whether you are choosing a country or area to sail in or picking a school to learn to sail with, you need to be able to judge which will be right for you.

You need someone to explain the options – such as what sea conditions to expect at different times of year, which courses are available, and what is and isn’t provided. And you need to know the sort of things that can go wrong and how to avoid them.

How can you ensure that you’ll get the training you want, at the standard you want, and in a location you’ll enjoy?

The answer is to do your research and ask questions, and we are here to help! Contact us with any questions about our sailing courses and about sailing in Greece in general.

If you’d like to speak to someone right now about learning to sail, you can call our office on +30 22970 25852 or +30 69881 52454 to speak to us or drop us a line via email. We’re in the Eastern European Time zone so, if our office is closed due to time differences, just leave a message and we’ll arrange to call you back at a convenient time.

Common Questions about Sailing in Greece

For beginner sailors the choice of suitable course, sailing area and sailing school can feel overwhelming and it is difficult to get clear answers to the basic questions. Below are some of the common themes we get asked about by our students before they come to Greece and which our team is happy to answer to ensure you have the best experience possible while learning to sail. Contact us to get started and click this link to claim your free guide on learning to sail in Greece! Before you know it you will be sailing the beautiful seas of Greece with professional training and a new found confidence in your sailing abilities!

  1. The different areas of Greece that you can sail in and which are best for beginners.
  2. The essential things you need to know about sailing in Greece.
  3. What weather to expect at different times of the year.
  4. The range of sailing courses you can choose from and how to select the best one for you.
  5. An understanding of what you’ll learn and how far you can progress.
  6. How to get value for money whether your budget is high or low.
  7. Potential problems and how to avoid them.
  8. The common misconceptions about sailing in Greece.
  9. Everything you need to know about sailing with a family.