And we had a stowaway on the trip as well!

And we had a stowaway on the trip as well!


While on our Evia trip we also found that we had a guest who was not on our passenger list. Cecil the cicada had great acoustic talents and accompanied us for many miles clinging to the underside of the bimini. He disappeared as we neared Evia – we hope he flew to land rather than fell off and drowned.

Cicadas do not bite or sting, are benign to humans, and are not considered a pest. Many people around the world regularly complement their standard diet with cicadas: the female is prized for eating as it is meatier.

Apparently cicadas were eaten in Ancient Greece but you will not find them on the menu at any tavernas nowadays (or not any that we know of!)

The name Cicada is derived from the Latin cicada, meaning “tree cricket”; in Greek they are referred to as tzitzikia or tettix.

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