Family Flotilla

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7 days

Course Description

You want to cruise the Greek blue waters and learn how to sail while enjoying your time with your family?  We offer you this opportunity. You can learn to sail as a family in Greece in an informal way. Cruising is a wonderful activity for all ages as even young children can become involved in sailing the yacht.

For Who?

Your whole family. Any ages can come on board.

If you want to decide as a family if sailing is made for you. Children can enjoy participating on board but also everyone can learn and gain experience while sailing around with a group of boats.

Families who wishes to have their privacy during the day and sail with their skippers, but also enjoy meeting new people and sharing dinners with other crews on the evenings.

What will you learn?

Although not an official RYA course, parents and children can learn all skills to help on board and act as a crew member to your skipper.

You and your children can help to steer the yacht, tie on fenders, and do other tasks depending on their size and strength.

It’s the perfect combination to stay active and aware while enjoying the sun and blue waters.

What is included?

A skipper on board (or instructor if you are on board of the leading boat) that will sail you around while following the group of yachts. Each evening all yachts will stop at the same places so all families can meet and children can play around together.

We provide life-jackets for our younger sailors, including colourful ones for the smallest sailors.

Depending on the age of your children you may want us to arrange for netting around the guard-rails of the yacht. Safety is a key priority and your children will be expected to obey instructions about wearing their life jackets, not running on deck etc. Our skippers enjoy having children on board but they will be firm about safety rules!

Price List Family Flotilla

We currently offer two different weeks to join us on a family flotilla:

  • August 19th- 26th

If you are interested in a family flotilla, please get in contact with us. Depending on the size of your family and your comfort needs you can request a 3-cabin yacht or 4-cabin (respectively €5,600 and €6,400 for the week). Note that your skipper on board will also need his/her own cabin. The prices include all yachts expenses. The end cleaning, groceries, meals, and drinks ashore are not included. Your travel expenses are not covered.


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