Family Sailing Holidays & Courses In Greece

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Family Sailing Holidays & Courses In Greece

You can learn to sail as a family in Greece. Cruising is a wonderful activity for all ages as even young children can become involved in sailing the yacht.

We’ll take children of any age on a private course – we’ve even had babes in arms – and children of 15 or over can accompany their parents on one of our group courses.

Taking a Competent Crew course together is a great family experience and will help you to decide if sailing is for you. Your children can help to steer the yacht, tie on fenders, and do other tasks depending on their size and strength.

We provide the RYA Start Cruising Activity book for young sailors. Those of 10 years and over can take an RYA course while younger children can complete our own Sailing Dolphin course to get their very own certificate. We provide life-jackets for our younger sailors, including colourful ones for the smallest sailors.

Things to Consider

There are some special considerations when sailing with younger children. For a start, we recommend taking your course over six days rather than five, if your budget will stretch to it. This lets you have a relaxed pace which gives the children more time for swimming and you can make shorter trips each day but still cover enough mileage to pass the course.

Depending on the age of your children you may want us to arrange for netting around the guard-rails of the yacht. Safety is a key priority and your children will be expected to obey instructions about wearing their life jackets, not running on deck etc. Our instructors enjoy having children on board but they will be firm about safety rules!

Competent Crew courses pose few problems. If mum and/or dad want to take a Day Skipper course it requires more careful management as the course is more intensive – it can be hard to strike the correct balance between a relaxed family holiday and a serious skippering course. We’re happy to discuss any aspect of family sailing with you so please fill out an enquiry by clicking on the button on the bottom of this page.

Airport Transfers

You can be met at the airport by an English-speaking taxi driver who will help you with your luggage and take you to the ferry port in an air-conditioned Mercedes.

Choice of Yacht

Most family sailing courses are run on one of our school yachts, which are roomy and comfortable, but we can supply an instructor to give you tuition on any suitable yacht or catamaran of your choice. Please ask for details.

What It Costs

There are a number of options for family sailing so these prices are for guidance. If you contact us (use the Enquire button below) we can advise you on the best choice of yacht and number of days.

Prices range from 4000 EUR to 5900 EUR for 5 days sailing, and 4475 EUR to 5800 EUR for six days, depending on the time of year and size of yacht. This is the total price including yacht, instruction, and all yacht expenses and taxes.

Our prices includes absolutely everything except getting to us, groceries on board and evening meals, which are taken in local tavernas ashore.

On our yachts you’ll get freshly laundered linen & towels, good pillows, and bedding. We can lend you breathable waterproof jackets as well to reduce the baggage you have to carry. In addition, each person will get an RYA book and certificate for the courses they pass.

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