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Marine Radio

Learn how to operate a marine radio on our course.

All modern charter yachts (and those owned by safety-conscious private owners) are equipped with DSC radio sets, which have advantages over the old-fashioned VHF ones. For instance, you can call up another boat by using a special number, a little like a mobile phone number. And in the unlikely event of you facing a life-threatening situation, you can summon help at the push of a button.

Learning to use a DSC radio properly is a little complicated initially but you’ll quickly get to grips with what’s required on our professionally taught RYA Marine Radio Operator’s course.

Some countries now require all those chartering yachts to have someone on board who has a radio licence, in addition to their requirements for skipper’s licences. Be ready with this ‘hands on’ course using speciallly adapted GMDSS radio sets.

You can either take an online course or a 1-day taught course. In both cases these are followed by a short practical and written test, which we can arrange at our centre after your practical course. As well as learning basic procedures, you’ll learn how to use your radio to communicate with other boats and for safety purposes. Once you pass the test you’ll be awarded an internationally recognised radio operator’s certificate for marine radio on a small boat.

What You’ll Learn

The course covers GMDSS, operating VHF radio telephone fitted with digital selective calling (DSC), routine procedures, frequencies, phonetic alphabet, distress procedures, urgency, safety, and shore liaison.

Here’s a taster of the online version of the course available through Aegean Sailing School and RYA Interactive.

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