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7 days

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If you start your RYA journey but wish to build extra experience in between your courses this is for you. A milebuilding week with us is a dream trip for anyone with ambitions to go blue water sailing. You’ll learn what it’s like to live on a yacht for extended periods and to sail in more out of the way places. Such a trip will give you the chance to not only put hundreds of miles under your belt but also improving your confidence and advancing your practical knowledge.

For Who?

You have RYA qualifications and wish to build them up.

You potentially have an upcoming trip and want to gain more confidence and experience.

You are enthusiast to learn and participate into sailing the boat.

You want to add hundreds of miles into your RYA logbook.

What will you learn?

During your trip, the crew will be divided into watches, who take turns on duty. Advanced sailors will be appointed watch leaders, but everyone in the team will take part in steering, trimming sails, navigation, catering, and using the yacht’s equipment.

You will learn to grow confidence on board and improve your sailing and decision making while on passage.

What is included?

Your own yacht cabin on board (only to share with your partner if applicable) with all the necessary items for your comfort: bedding and linens, towels, pillows.

Adding all the miles you will do in your RYA Logbook to keep track of all your progress and experiences.

Despite not being an intensive course, an instructor on board throughout the trip to guide and advise you when needed.

Price List Milebuilder (per person)

High SeasonMid-SeasonLow Season
July - AugustMay - June - September - OctoberMarch - April - November
6-Day Milebuilder (single cabin)€1,300€1,200€1,200
6-Day Milebuilder (shared cabin)€1,100€1,000€1,000
One-way trip (Aegina-Kos) [October 7th - 15th]€1,400*Two spots left!
One-way trip (Kos-Aegina) [October 15th - 23]FULL
One-way trip (Kos-Aegina) [October 29th - November 5th]€1,400
One-way trip (Aegina-Crete: Heraklion) [November 18th - 28th]€1200
One-way trip (Crete: Heraklion-Aegina) [November 28th - December 8th]€1100
Specials 2024 (-200€ for shared cabin):
10-day Aegina - Crete (March 23rd)€1400
10-day Crete - Aegina (April 2nd)€1400
20-day Aegina - Crete - Aegina (March 23rd - April 12th)€2300
7-day Aegina - Kos (October 12th)€1200
7-day Kos - Aegina (November 2nd)€1200

All prices for practical courses include all yachts expenses, breakfast and lunch. All activities ashore and dinner are at your own expense. Your travel expenses to get to Aegina are not covered.

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Argolic Milebuilders

These trips visit the beautiful Argolic Gulf, close to our normal sailing area but a little too far to include in a week’s RYA tuition. The Argolic is very beautiful with high mountains and pretty fishing villages. It’s also very unspoilt, making it a perfect choice for those who want to get ‘off the beaten track’.

You’ll cover about 250 miles on this trip and visit the picturesque city of Nafplion in the north as well as stunning Monemavasia in the south.

Cyclades Milebuilders

The Cyclades islands are one of the world’s most renowned cruising areas. At these times of year we usually avoid the worst of the Meltemi, which in mid-summer can keep yachts in port or create uncomfortable sailing conditions.

You’ll cover around 350 miles in all, including two night sails, and two Yachtmaster qualifying passages. As with all sailing, the route is weather dependent!

Other trips

From time to time we offer other milebuilding trips in different areas of Greece and on different types of boat – including a catamaran. Do not hesitate to contact us to be kept informed of the possibilities.

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