Day Skipper 7-day on board course [Theory + Practical]

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7 days

Course Description

If you wish to complete your Day Skipper practical course but need extra theory background first, this is for you. Join us on board for a 7-day course that will include more theory in order to succeed your Day Skipper practical course. More time on the water, more hands-on to apply your theoretical knowledge and a better understanding of navigation protocols. Combined with a small online preparation before joining us, you will learn adequate theoretical knowledge for the Day Skipper Practical, which includes being able to plan a passage in an area with tides, calculating course to steer, and working out the time when you could cross a tidal bar. Find all information about the entire package on this page.

For Who?

Minimum 16 years old.

You still need to grasp the theory needed for your Day Skipper knowledge.

You have completed your preparation of Essential Navigation and Seamanship theory (provided by us).

What will you learn?

This course will bring your basic knowledge of navigation up to the level required for Day Skipper. It is not an official RYA course so there will be no examination or certificate. You will only receive your Day Skipper practical sailing license if you successfully complete your week on board!

You will learn adequate theoretical knowledge for the Day Skipper Practical, which includes: Tidal Streams and heights, tidal curves, tidal diamonds, Dead Reckoning, Estimated Position, course to Steer, Passage Planning in tidal and non-tidal waters, Pilotage in tidal and non-tidal waters, Meteorology, including sources of Greek weather information, Light Characteristics, Lights and Shapes, Seamanship & Safety, Electronic Navigation Aids, ‘Med’ Mooring techniques.

What is included?

An instructor teaching you all the materials and available for your questions.

An extra 2-day on board to enjoy more time on the water during your Day Skipper.

For the theory course you will get a course pack, your own set of navigation tools and a simulation chart-plotter as well as course pack postage by recorded delivery.


Price List Theory on Board

Theory courses on board - extra days on the water2-Day€450

Your travel expenses to get to Aegina are not covered.


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