Sailing Courses

The key to a happy and successful sailing experience is choosing a course or holiday that’s right for you. The most important factor is your current level of knowledge and ability. Use our quick colour code to match your experience to options suitable for you.

You’re either a total beginner or have spent less than 3 days on a yacht or dinghy.

You’ve sailed on a yacht for 3 – 6 days but with no formal training, or maybe you’ve done quite a bit of dinghy sailing but no yachting.

You’ve completed an RYA Competent Crew course or similar, or you have 1 – 2 weeks experience crewing on a cruising yacht.

You have an RYA Day Skipper certificate or similar plus at least one week’s additional sailing, where you were skipper or co-skipper of the yacht.

All Abilities
Just what it says!

Weekend Theory Course

*Due to the coronavirus we are not allowed to facilitate classroom courses this season, so all theoretical courses must be done online. To participate in the online courses follow the links provided Essential Navigation Upgrade to Day Skipper If you have a basic knowledge of navigation and chartwork* but need to get your theory improved [...]

RYA Competent Crew

You'll learn everything you need to know to help sail a yacht - how to steer, trim the sails, use the anchor and winches, and what all those ropes do!

RYA Day Skipper Practical Course

If you already have sufficient theory to skipper a yacht you can come straight onto this course. You'll plan passages, navigate using both GPS and traditional methods, learn boat handling under power and sail, and direct the crew.

Navigation & Day Skipper Practical Package

If you're ready to take charge of a sailing yacht this is the course for you. You'll take a short online navigation course before you come to Greece, followed by a weekend's more advanced theory in our classroom. You'll then have 5 days practical boat-handling and passage planning, where you learn to handle the yacht and crew.

12-Day Competent Crew, Navigation, & Day Skipper Package

If you already have a little sailing experience, this package will take you to up to being skipper / captain of a yacht. First, you take our short online navigation course. Then, here in Greece, you'll start with crewing skills, learn more advanced navigation, then move on to our Day Skipper Practical course - all in a fortnight's holiday.

Private Sailing

Progress fast with private tuition on your own yacht with your own instructor. Enjoy more privacy and go at your own pace - whether that's working hard or more easy and relaxed.

Comp Crew Plus (Charter Co-Skipper Course)

This course is for you if you already have basic crewing skills and want to gain more experience. It's an ideal follow-on from RYA Competent Crew, or if Competent Crew covers a lot of ground you already know. The course builds on your existing knowledge and gives you additional skills. Charter companies normally require a [...]

Day Skipper Plus (Bareboat Charter Skipper’s Course)

This course is for you if you already have an RYA Day Skipper Practical certificate and want to gain more knowledge and experience for chartering yachts bareboat. The course builds on your existing knowledge and gives you additional skills. This course will equip you to act as skipper on a charter yacht in Greece or elsewhere in [...]

Marine Radio

Be safe and stay in touch. Learn how to communicate with other yachts, marinas, and emergency services on our excellent course leading to a Marine Radio Operator's certificate.

Online Navigation Courses

It is a pre-requisite that anyone taking an RYA Day Skipper Practical course has the necessary theory. Please note that you are responsible for ensuring that you have adequate theory before attending your practical course - there is not time to learn it during the practical. If you cannot attend a classroom course, the answer may be to [...]

Online RYA Essential Navigation Course

Before taking a Day Skipper Practical course, you will need to learn theory. A good place to start is with the online Essential Navigation & Seamanship (ENS) course provided by the RYA. The ENS course doesn't cover everything you'll need for Day Skipper but, at only 10 hours study, which you can do in your [...]

Online RYA Day Skipper Shorebased

This RYA course gives you all the theory you'll need to sail a small yacht by day in both tidal and non-tidal waters. There is no difference in the certificate obtained in non-tidal waters such as the Mediterranean. Your RYA certificate will be valid world-wide and so it is essential that you adequately cover tidal [...]

Online RYA Yachtmaster / Coastal Skipper

This is an advanced course for those who want to take a Coastal Skipper or Yachtmaster course and examination. Before taking this course you must have passed an RYA Day Skipper Shorebased course, or equivalent. It is not suitable for those who have only taken an ENS or other basic navigation course. Please contact us [...]

RYA Coastal Skipper Practical

This is an advanced course for those who already have some experience of skippering a sailing yacht. You'll do a lot of boat-handling under sail, improving your technique, you'll complete a Yachtmaster Qualifying passage and do a longish night sail. You'll learn everything you need to be in charge of a larger yacht in more challenging conditions.

Start Yachting

An introduction for those who are unsure if yachting is for them. You’ll learn some basics and help sail the boat while visiting a pretty Greek port.