Common Questions about Sailing in Greece

For beginner sailors the choice of suitable course, sailing area and sailing school can feel overwhelming and it is difficult to get clear answers to the basic questions. Below are some of the common themes we get asked about by our students before they come to Greece and which our team is happy to answer to ensure you have the best experience possible while learning to sail.

Course-related questions

You will get your certificates at the end of the course. If you bring a photograph of yourself (like a passport photo) we can issue the certificate straight away. For Start Yachting and Competent Crew you do not need a photo.

No! Together with the instructor you will be guided throughout the course in each part of the syllabus with a general assessment of these during the course. You will have confidence in the new skills acquired and be capable of putting them into practice while on the course and afterwards on your own.

All courses will be in English. Our students travel from around the world and are a mix of nationalities and native English speakers.

RYA course allows for a total of 5 people plus the instructor on board regardless if they are all attending the course or not.

On Sunday at 17.00h you will meet with your instructor at our office. After a short welcome introduction, you go straight to the yacht and your course has begun!

After the Competent Crew week the next step is the Day Skipper course. If you do not have a Competent Crew course certificate but do have some experience then you are able to book the Day Skipper course if your experience is the same as the competent crew syllabus. More than 5 days of active sailing experience on board a sailing yacht is an essential prerequisite and we know this practical and theoretical experience is needed for the Day Skipper course and ensures an enjoyable learning experience. You will need to do the RYA online Essential Navigation and Seamanship course and our weekend theory class here on Aegina. Or you can complete the online Day Skipper Theory course and bring the certificate with you. Email us for availability of the theory course you choose.

Life onboard

Yes, the footage is amazing of the places you will sail! No use of drones from the yacht. It is at your own risk and must be operated within the regulation and license requirements of Greek law. Please make yourself aware of these before use.

With a hands on and ‘can do’ approach to learning on these practical courses you will not only learn the skills necessary to be a useful member of the crew but also experience taking charge of the helm, leaving the berth, sailing, navigating, decision making and arriving in port with the guidance and reassurance of our instructors.

Yes. All boats have double cabins, lots of space, comfort, and storage for all you bring with you.

Yes you will be powered up! All boats have USB, 12 volt, and 240v 2 pin sockets. With solar panels on all yachts we can keep the batteries almost full during day.

Yes. All our boats have private toilets, showers, sinks, hot water and vanity mirrors.

Yes of course! From the start here on Aegina the first of many evening meals eating together with all the students and instructors. Yes, Greek food is amazing and some of the best dishes will be shared in great company during the course.

Practical questions

Yes you can! The RYA licenses are known and accepted all around the world.

Yes, you will sail from Aegina on Monday and return Friday again on Aegina. In the meanwhile, your cabin is your 'floating room'. All yachts are equipped with showers (cold and hot water), toilets and have full kitchen with fridge and even freezer!


Yes. Our sailing area has full network coverage and signal.


General questions

Email us! We do not have an online booking schedule, we are very fast to reply usually within an hour, sometimes weekends this could be a little longer as we are a busy school with many boats on a turnaround for the next courses. Book ahead for the best chance of suitable availability. Last minute booking is possible as our yachts have a mixed number of cabins, so do not hesitate to email or call us.


We provide towels to use after showers. If you are going to swim every day, the best thing to do is to bring a beach towel of your own.

Yes. One set is on board solely for use in underwater inspection of the yacht.

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