Get Your Radio Licence – Be Prepared For Chartering Anywhere

Get Your Radio Licence – Be Prepared For Chartering Anywhere


Some countries now ask for a marine radio operator’s licence in addition to your skipper’s licence if you want to charter.

There’s no sign of it in Greece at present. (Radio use is pretty poor here as a consequence …)

Even if you don’t have to have a licence for chartering it makes sense to know how to use the radio properly, whether you want to make a routine call to another boat, call a marina, or in the event that you need to call for help in an emergency.

Be ready with our comprehensive RYA course.

The RYA SRC (Short Range Certificate) is internationally recognised. It covers not only use of Class D marine radios, such as you’ll find on most yachts, but also teaches you about other important items of equipment that are part of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS). People often say at the end of the course that they finally understand not only how to use the radio, but what the various safety devices on their boat actually do!

As well as learning how the radio and other devices operate, you’ll learn correct radio language (Prowords) that are used throughout the world so you won’t be misunderstood.

If you’re taking a skipper’s course, why not get also get your radio licence while you’re in Greece? You’ll then be fully qualified to charter in any Mediterranean country.

From January 2014 new regulations regarding radio courses came into operation and the RYA course has changed to bring it into line with other European countries. The syllabus hasn’t changed but it’s now a little longer, giving more time to explain details, and you must now take a more formal assessment at the end.

In order to help students the RYA has produced an excellent online radio course, suitable for PCs, Macs, and most ipads. You can take this either instead of or in addition to a classroom course.

For more details of what you’ll learn, the two optional ways of taking the course, prices and how to book, please click here to go to our Marine Radio Operators page.

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