How to get to Aegina

How to get to Aegina

Our base is on the pretty island of Aegina, the nearest island to Athens. Among the companies that fly to Athens airport are Easyjet, Aegean Airlines, Olympic, KLM, Air France, and British Airways.

From the airport you reach Aegina via the port of Piraeus. Airport buses run every half hour to Piraeus – tickets 5 EUR – or you can arrange an English speaking taxi driver to meet you – transfer 50 EUR. Ask us for reliable taxi companies.

There are regular ferries and hydrofoils between Piraeus and Aegina island, but they don’t run at night. The crossing takes between 40 and 80 minutes, depending which vessel you use, and costs from 8-15 EUR per person. Hydrofoils are faster but many people prefer to take the ferry and sit out on deck in the sunshine.

The total transfer time is around two hours, but sometimes longer. Please make sure that you allow sufficient time for this transfer when booking your flights.

If you intend to fly out the day your course starts, we suggest you choose an arrival time no later than 16:30 to give yourself enough time to get to Piraeus and over to Aegina. Some people prefer to come to Greece a day early and do some sight-seeing before joining us the following day.

Courses end by 17:00 on the final day. You’ll be able to catch a ferry that evening and could be at the airport for 19:00. Alternatively, you can stay on board and leave in the morning. Choose a return flight departing after 11:00 to allow enough time to get to the airport.

Here’s a map showing where Aegina is and the route you’ll take.

Aegean sailing area

You can find out about ferries and hydrofoils on the Openseas website but they often don’t show timetables very far in advance. There’s no need to book tickets to Aegina beforehand if you are travelling on foot, but if you’re bringing a car at the weekend in summer it may be advisable to book.

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