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What a better start than a general introduction you might say? Although classic and traditional, I always value getting to know members of a team. Maybe I am too curious, but “curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning”*, and let’s be honest it is probably the reason you are also reading this. So let’s put faces behind the names you are seeing in your emails. You can also find a little overview of us all on our website, under “Contact”.

Starting with Karien and Querijn: the minds and power behind it all. With already a charter company, Portokali, well established in the Mediterranean Sea since 2007, Karien and Querijn decided to acquire Aegean Sailing School in 2021 to expand their business. Both passionate about boats, offering not only holidays options but also learning how to sail was a dream come true. Them two are running all operations behind the scenes and motivating our team on a daily basis. Their boiling creativity and standards for attention to our customers provide a framework for the rest of us to be productive and responsive for our community while working in a familial environment. Company activities, sport sessions, brainstorming, and of course sailing together are all kinds of little pleasures we enjoy next to our work tasks. Good mood on an insider level = good mood for all of you!


Then moving on to our office crew. Let’s start with Joris, our base manager in Aegina. Sharing his time between Greece and the Netherlands, he makes sure that everything is rolling and well oiled on the base. You will see our reference person during the season running around to make sure boats, materials, skippers, pontoon, clients, basically all is under control. We also have our two amazing ladies: Elena and Aliki. Elena is most likely the name that most of you see when entering in contact with us! In charge of our inquiries and accompanying our customers along their RYA journey she will also be the one you meet upon completion of your certificate! Aliki is our local genius. Keeping up with our numbers but also with Querijn, she is always detail oriented to not miss anything or anyone! And there is also me: the voice you may imagine in your head when reading articles or social media posts. You might have also seen my name come by emails, correct! Supporting the team with communication for the school and improving our services for all our customers on board, you probably will also meet me when arriving in Aegina. I am already looking forward to it! 

We have obviously our beloved instructing crew. John, our chief instructor, but also Olivier, Jolle, Despina, our full time contracted instructors, and many other qualified instructors helping us all year around! For our teachers, it is most important to transmit their knowledge to all of you! Passionate about sailing they are here to teach you all tips and tricks and make sure to accompany you along your RYA journey. Seeing you obtaining your certificate is their main goal, but they will always do it with joy, energy, and ensure you are having a great time on board!

Finally, our supporting team is helping us daily and without them we would not be able to provide you with our best services. Wim and Dimitris are together our yacht specialists. With both their respective expertise, they make sure that our boats are in the best conditions possible for you to sail on. Quick repairs or deeper work needed? They are our guys. Matina is also here to help us in our busy weekends. She overviews all cleaning levels and manages her team of great workers to offer shiny yachts for all our customers. Ben and Diny are also to be spot around, helping us on the pontoon and behind the office, and always bringing a family spirit in our team.

It would be ideal if I could introduce all the pairs of hands helping us all year around but I will leave a little suspense for all of you who will be meeting us in Aegina! We thank our great team for all their work and precious help. I hope your curiosity was well fed. 

See you soon on board, and sooner online!


*William Arthur Ward

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