Milebuilding Trips 2016

Ophelia_180Ophelia the Octopus asked us to let you know about some special mile-building weeks we’re running this autumn.

These give you an opportunity to practice the skills you’ve learned – as crew or as skipper. On some trips you’ll sail with an instructor; on others you can skipper your own yacht.

Places on the trips are limited so, if you’re interested, now is the time to enquire … and to book!

Read what Ophelia says to help you to decide if these are for you.

Who Should Go on a Milebuilder?

These trips aim to consolidate your knowledge rather than teaching you a lot of new skills. If you’ve passed an RYA Competent Crew or RYA Day Skipper course, whether with us or elsewhere, a milebuilder will give you the opportunity to put what you’ve learned into practice. We recommend students to get at least a week’s additional sailing in before moving on to the next stage, if they can, and a milebuilder is an excellent way to do this.

If you have sailed in the past but you’re a bit rusty, a milebuilder can also be a good refresher, especially if you plan to charter or do a more advanced sailing course in the near future.

We don’t run RYA courses on the milebuilder, with the exception of RYA Coastal Skipper. This is an advanced course for experienced skippers and the syllabus includes longer passages and night sailing. That fits in well with what happens on a milebuilder so we can sometimes include a Coastal course. Contact us if you think you are ready for this level.

Who Are they Unsuitable For?

If you have never sailed before, a milebuilder is not a good choice. You should go on one of our RYA Competent Crew courses. A milebuilder will be a great thing to do as a follow-up after this.

Milebuilders are also unsuitable for those who want to learn to skipper a yacht and get a certificate. You should take an RYA Day Skipper course, which will give you lots of boat-handling practice and exercises rather than long passages.

Argolic Adventure
3 – 10 September & 1 – 8 October

These milebuilders will head into the beautiful, unspoilt Argolic Gulf, visiting the historic city of Nafplion in the north and the picturesque island of Monemvasia in the south.

The main yacht will be, Helena, our 2013 Bavaria 45, with four cabins. She will have a qualified RYA instructor on board. You can book a cabin on this boat for either one or two people. This is perfect for those who want to practice their crewing skills prior to taking a Day Skipper Practical course, or those who have passed Day Skipper but who feel in need of a little more hands-on experience under the watchful eye of an instructor before venturing onto a charter yacht by themselves.

We also have three other yachts – Challenger, Bazinga, and Eucrante – that are available for charter or for a private group with an instructor for this trip. You can bring your friends or family to crew for you. These yachts each have three cabins and can sleep up to six people.

There’s also an opportunity to boat-share by booking a cabin on one of the yachts. If you don’t have your own crew, this could be a great way to join the adventure. You’ll take it in turns to be skipper for the day and will split the costs such as fuel, mooring dues.

This will suit you if you’re ready to move on to chartering a yacht without an instructor on board but would like the extra confidence of knowing there is some support and help on hand should you need it.

This is for you if you want to gain plenty of sailing experience with an instructor to hand for advice, and to see beautiful and unusual scenery.

 Catamarans Cup  22∼29 October

The 2015 CatamaransCup was a huge success and our crew loved it. We’re in the planning stages for 2016 at present.

Join us in October for this massive regatta, with over 30 catamarans, sailing and other competitions. Ideal for those who want to enjoy the social side of sailing, to try their hand at racing, and to experience what it’s like to sail a cat.

This event is for you if you enjoy the social side of sailing, with parties and competitions, if you want to try your hand at racing, and to experience first-hand what it’s like to sail a cat.