New courses for season 2022

New courses for season 2022

From the beginning of season 2022 we have a lot of new courses to offer you! We will re-introduce the Start Yachting course (which we see as two more days of sailing and fun on board), you can attend every weekend, also in between two courses.

We also have a Yachtmaster Prep week with exam following on the course. We have on in April and one in June for sure. If more people want to attent a courses, we for sure will put in one extra for this year.

We will also start to give Cruising Instructor courses on Aegina this year. The first one is in June and the second on in September. They are not yet on the calendar of RYA, but that is because we first want our own Students to give a change to attent the course.

We will have more possibilities for the Coastal Skipper courses, and also SRC is back in the program!

Next to the RYA courses, we will have a Milebuilder every month! So if you want to join on a yacht and sail around and gain you miles, many options this year! The first to come up is April 9, still places available 🙂
We also want to put some special weeks in our schedule where we will have one or two topics to learn. Just to train specific skills.

Many things to discover 🙂 And many things to learn this year. Not only for the Students, but for all of us. We will keep developing and really want to hear what you miss or what you would like to learn.

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