New Year, New Wave



“New year, new wave.” You might have read this phrase on our socials. If you did, good job, this means you are already part of our community! If not, you should quickly fix that and go follow us on instagram and facebook @aegeansailingschool. You will make sure to not miss any updates and deals we offer.

In the meantime, I am delighted that you are currently reading this article. My name is Clara, newly part of the Aegean Sailing School team, and responsible for giving this blog a fresh update. As part of our adept readers, you will thus frequently browse through my words, I hope you enjoy it!

A little bit about us: Aegean Sailing School has been offering a unique combination of learning how to sail and enjoying a sunny vacation since 2013. Throughout the years, the charm of the Greek environment and the quality of our instructions has resulted in a successful recipe for many sailors. What better than having your needs tailored to fit your expectations? Approved and reviewed each year by the RYA organisation, our school makes a promise to deliver you high level instructions while ensuring that each minute of your course also brings you joy! 

Learning the ropes

On a technical level, we value skills and delivering the expected learning content to make all of you a better sailor. From learning how to operate as crew on board, to skipper to impress your friends and family, to expert and yachtmaster to conquer the seas or even professional instructor, without forgetting sailing with your loved ones in private courses. You ask for something? We arrange for the best solution. All of this as we operate in a communal and shareful environment. Our goal is also to offer our students opportunities to enrich their knowledge by sharing with others and broaden their horizons. A flotilla feeling to enjoy evenings with other boats after working towards your certificate during the days.

If this distinctive formula sounds interesting to you, join us! The more the merrier! You can easily browse the rest of our website to learn more about our offers or get in contact with us if you have any questions. For the moment, I will continue to give updates on this blog, stories, tips, behind the scenes, and share many other thoughts we might have! For the lucky ones, namely previous customers and curious sailors, a newsletter will also land in your mailbox to not miss anything. Stay tuned! 

As I normally say see you soon on board, yet this time hopefully sooner online!


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