Our Location – The Magical Island of Aegina

Start and end your sailing on an authentic Greek island – but one that’s close to Athens, the capital city of Greece. We’re based on the island of Aegina* in the Saronic Gulf, with good transport links to both Athens airport and the city centre for sightseeing.

Yachts in Aegina harbour.

*Say it like a Greek: Aegina is pronounced as Eyina or Egina with the stress on the first syllable.

Despite being just 31km from Athens and a playground for wealthy Athenians, Aegina is unspoilt and blessed with green valleys, mountains, beaches, pretty ports, and fabulous walking routes.

Aegina is a triangular island, 85 sq.km in size, with a year-round population of around 12,500 that gets boosted during the summer months. The island is predominantly mountainous but there are plains where pistachio, grapes, olives, figs, and almonds are grown.

The island’s pistachio nuts are said to be the best in the world. The annual ‘Fistiki Fest’ (fistiki is Greek for pistachio) celebrates all things made from the nuts – from ice-cream to pesto! To learn more about the delights of Aegina, take a look at this video.

Aegina has a notable history. It was the first capital of modern Greece, after the War of Independecne, and the first Greek coin was minted here.

Today it has many attractions for the visitor including the Sanctuary of Afaia, the new church of Ayios Nektarios, interesting monasteries, beautiful beaches, and accommodation of all types. It is well worth spending a day or two on the island before or after your course.