Our First RYA Powerboaters!


Our first powerboat students are busy in our RIB as they moor in the little harbour close to our home. They ahd almost finished their two-day RYA Powerboat Level II course.

I took the photo below as they sped towards the harbour entrance. You can see how nice and quiet the area is – perfect for novices to learn in.


.. and at the end of the course Ashley Robinson and Roger Smith, two of the successful students, were awarded their certificates by Ian.

Both Ashley and Roger live in Greece and, as UK citizens, can now get an ICC (International Certificate of Competence) from the RYA which will give them an easily accepted ‘licence’ to use in Greek waters.

Ashley and her partner already own a boat – a Mastercraft Pro Star 190 that they use mainly for water-ski-ing. Ashley wants eventually to be able to drive their boat while her husband skis behind. This was her first step towards that goal.

Roger is now also one step nearer to his aim which is to own a boat here. He sensibly wanted to learn to drive a powerboat and find out more about different types of hull so that he had a better idea of what would suit him before he started to look at boats in earnest.

Crew Club- Powerboating
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