Dolphins Dolphins Dolphins

I can honestly say that this is the most enjoyable blog post I’ve ever made!

Following on from the whale story I decided to do a post about dolphins. We often spot them when sailing here and I had seen some great youtube dolphin videos.

Dolphins seem to have a very special appeal for most people. When I first set up a website for our sailing holidays in Greece I put some dolphin photographs that I had taken onto it. To my surprise, we sometimes had more hits each month from people looking for dolphins than for sailing! I wonder if the same thing will happen to this blog post?

So, if you are reading this in an office, or are under stress … take a couple of minutes off, sit back, relax and watch any of these wonderful restful videos.




Dolphins have a strong connection with Greece. According to this Wikipedia article their name comes from the Greek δελφίς (delph

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