Keep on Sailing, Chuck

Shukri (Chuck) Alfa from Beirut recently completed his RYA Day Skipper course with us.

Chuck is our oldest student to date. He was born in 1935. He’s keen and strong and looking forward to many more years sailing.

One of the great things about sailing is that it is not a sport that is solely for the young and super fit.

My father-in-law owned and sailed a boat well into his late seventies. This was despite the fact that he had lost both his legs at the knees. (He was the only ‘officially’ legless member of the Royal Northern Yacht Club!)

I sometimes receive enquiries from people who ask if they are too old to start sailing. Frequently they are only in their fifties! So I hope this posting will encourage you to start, whatever your age. Like anything else you are not going to reach Olympic standard if you don’t begin until later in life, but you can certainly enjoy it.

Chuck lives in the Lebanon although his business interests take him all around the world. He first sailed with us on a milebuilding trip to the Cyclades last October. He had previously sailed quite a bit and completed ASA (American Sailing Association) courses.

He enjoyed himself so much that he recently sailed with us for another 5 days in July.  Chuck did not do a formal course but asked Ian to assist him with things that he wanted to practice. We are always happy to accommodate people who want to come to improve their skills rather than take an RYA course.

I understand that he now plans to buy a yacht so I hope we’ll get pictures of that soon.

He sent the photos with the note:

Always very satisfied with Aegean Instruction courses, please keep me advised of the next Mile builder, early October might suit me fine……

With Chuck and Ian is the photograph below is Valerie Krizan. She was new to sailing and successfully completed her Competent Crew course during the week.

Both Chuck and Valerie arrived in Greece a day before their course. We booked them into the picturesque and friendly Hotel Vagia, close to our home. George, Ian and myself, met them for Greek meze the evening before their course began.

Chuck also sent me one of the nicest photos I have seen of Ian, which I will put into a separate post.

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