Photos from Agathi, Natali, and Janet – 9 September course

Here are some photographs that I have been sent by Agathi Vallianatos, Natali Fili, and Janet Mehers, who sailed on Erofili with Martin on 9 September. Also on board were John Mehers and Natasha Chia.

At this time of year we generally get a number of people travelling alone as well as couples. It is really nice to see how well they get on together. Many keep in touch with each other after their sailing course.

Click on the thumbnails to see a larger version of the photographs below.

My thanks to another (unknown) Martin Chambers who received these photographs by mistake as he has a similar email address to our Martin. Instead of just ignoring them he kindly told everyone that they had been sent to the wrong person.

I’ve now passed on Martin’s correct email to his crew.

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