Sail a Catamaran in the Cyclades this May

If you like the idea of catamaran sailing here’s an opportunity to join us for a week’s sailing on a Broadblue 385 catamaran between 10 and 17 May.

Catamarans have become more popular here each summer. A few years ago they were rare but now you’ll see two or three in harbour each evening.

Mark, our Chief Instructor, used to race cats and Jake, one of our other instructors, also has a lot of catamaran experience so you’ll be in good hands if you’d like to learn to sail on two hulls.

Catamarans have several advantages over monohulls:

1. Cats are very roomy. The cockpit is huge as it spans both hulls. The saloon and cockpit are usually on the same level and the saloon is light and spacious. The foredeck is also enormous and netted. It’s a favourite place for sunbathing or for kids to use as a trampoline.

2. Cats are very stable. They don’t heel over like a monohull and so are a good choice if your crew includes nervous or first-time sailors, or if you have eldery people or young children on board.

3. Cats are faster. They will usually get you to your destination more quickly. You may need this speed if you want to secure a berth in a busy harbour 🙂

4. Cats draw less so you can anchor in shallower water – almost on the beach for instance. You can visit bays and harbours that are too shallow for a monohull.

Of course there are disadvantages too. They don’t normally sail well upwind and you need to learn different techniques for tacking and anchoring. Cats have more windage and bob about in gusts. Probably the biggest disadvantage, if you are a keen sailor, is that sailing a catamaran is sometimes described as “like driving a living room” … you don’t get that same real sailing feeling that you do in a monohull.

If you’d like to experience catamaran sailing for yourself to see if it’s for you, I have a special opportunity available in May.

You can join some former students of ours, a British couple in their 50s who passed their RYA Day Skipper Practical last year. This spring they want to do more sailing and gain experience on a catamaran. We’ve arranged a week’s sailing for them from 10 May. They’re looking for up to three other people to join them on a one-week trip to the Cyclades.

You don’t have to have sailed before. It’s quite possible to take an RYA Competent Crew course on a catamaran. Alternatively you can do a skipper’s course or come along simply to gain experience and miles.

Get in touch with me to find out more.

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