The Latest Picture and News of Valentine


This is a nice photo of Valentine taken last week. She sails beautifully and is very comfortable here in her home waters of Greece.

On board are the Ewing family from Oregan, USA. Sam and Catherine Ewing successfully completed a 9 day combined Day Skipper theory and practical course, while Rees and Spencer obtained their Competent Crew certificates.

On Thursday they were due to do their night sail and had a bit of extra adventure. Instructor Ian found that there was a problem with the gear box. So instead of stopping for lunch they continued sailing. Luckily the winds were good and they had no problem in sailing all the way from Spetses to Ormos Klima on the south of Aegina. They arrived at 11pm to anchor in the bay where I met them with pizzas, a few cold beers and colas.

Valentine is now having a rest while she waits for her new parts but will be back in action soon. Meanwhile we are using ‘SG’, another Atlantic 44.

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