Zotelot Crew Relaxing


Here is a nice photograph of Zotelot taken just outside Aegina harbour. On board are an Irish group – Shane Russell, Jane McCusker, James O’Keeffe, and Padraig O’Donoghue – who all successfully completed their Competent Crew with us.

I understand that they had a heavy night in Poros the evening before this picture was taken which probably accounts for a slight lack of energy in their poses!

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  • James OKeeffe

    Yes, we were all a little fragile that day. The party in Poros was an all-nighter. It all started with an innocent round of Irish coffees and it snow-balled from there. It was a night where Jamie had an unsuccessfull attempt to lure a Swedish/Korean beauty and Padraig “lost his wheel”… Explainations of the whats or whereabouts of his wheel remain, to this day, unresolved.

    Thanks to the Karen for tolerating us!! It was great week!

    August 7, 2007, 14:51 permalink