Broken Wings & Office Disruption

If you have been trying to contact our Aegina office you may have found it difficult to get a reply. We’ve had a series of mishaps that left us short-staffed at base for a few days.

I have badly smashed up my collarbone and am waiting to see if surgery will be needed. I’m currently in the UK but will be back in Greece from Wednesday morning, 13 July.

Unfortunately, both the people who would normally step in to take over the office duties have their own family health problems to deal with.

I’m not the only one with a break – Jake, who was due to instruct with us this summer, broke his arm the day after my own fracture, and is out of action for several weeks.

Once I get back I’ll be able to arrange proper office cover. I apologise if you have been having problems in contacting us meanwhile.








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