Our New Arrivals


The night that I returned from Belgium, Afea, our three year old Labrador gave birth to seven lovely puppies. They are shown here at one day old. The father, Vigaro, was a golden Labrador.

Unfortunately one of them subsequently died but she still has four golden girls and two little black boys. We will be keeping one (probably a girl) and the others already have homes, including one in Germany.

Will update you with more pictures as they grow.

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  • 4urpets

    Wow, is this the months for puppies? I have read a lot of blogs this month showing puppies. Labs are the best darn dogs. You will have no problem finding them homes. I have three Chihuahuas. Come by my blog and say, “HI” and read all about them. Hope to see you soon.

    January 23, 2008, 19:53 permalink