Travel Insurance

It is a condition of coming on all our courses that you are covered by suitable travel insurance, covering you for any medical costs you may incur while in Greece. We strongly recommend that you take out insurance that also covers you for losing your luggage, or for cancellations.

Although sailing is a relatively safe sport, it is possible to be injured or to fall ill while on board. Please read this section so that you understand why medical insurance is important.

1. You may sail to villages that are some distance from a doctor / hospital and where an ambulance may not be available. Should you need treatment you would have to pay for a taxi to take you to the nearest town which could be quite a long way away.

2. Minor injuries are normally treated free in Greece. Some emergency hospital treatment may also be provided free but you will be expected to pay for any medicines. If you need to stay in hospital you will only get the most basic level of nursing care, so would need to pay for private nursing care if you don’t have anyone who can stay with you to take care of you.

3. Should you sustain an injury that means you cannot travel home as a normal passenger you might be required to pay for a specialist nurse to accompany you on the plane. If you need to travel on a stretcher you would also incur the costs for the additional seats you take up.

Greece is in the European Union and has reciprocal health care agreements with other EU countries. Residents of other EU countries should carry form E111 to allow you to claim back the costs associated with any treatment you receive. Please note however that this is unlikely to include transport costs, private nursing care, or repatriation. You must back it up with a travel insurance policy.

Most travel policies will also cover you for other losses such as lost luggage, cancellation etc. and many offer a full year’s cover during which time you can make multiple trips abroad.