Aegean Sailing School latest new, open all year around !!


As we had our first bookings for December 2020 and January 2021 we wanted to inform you that we decided to stay open this winter-season and now take bookings all year around! 

Winter temperatures in Greece are perfect for sailing:

In November 2019, we had a max temp of 27C and a minimum of 19C

where in December 2019, we had a max temp of 21C and a minimum of 15C

in January 2020, we had a max temp of 20C and a minimum of 9C just for a couple of days!

If you are thinking of spending your winter holidays in a yacht traversing the Greek waters just contact us! 


Andree van Dalen – Principal

Aegean Sailing School
The Sailing Center, 8 Martyros Leontiou St, Aegina 18010, Greece
 (+30) 69881 52454 – (+30) 22970 25852 
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