Telephone Problems – January 2010

We have a problem with our telephone number (0030) 22970 32265 at present. I apologise to anyone who has been trying to contact us on that number.

I am not sure quite what the difficulty is. We have been trying to rationalise our use of ISDN, ADSL etc. prior to a move to a new office in Aegina town. In doing so, we seem to have lost our main voice line completely!

OTE, the Greek telephone company, will only tell me that there is a technical problem. I have now been asked to call back on Monday 24 January to see what progress has been made.


I shall be working from an office at our house most days until the problem is fixed. If you want to speak to me this month please call me on (0030) 22970 71117 which is our home number.

We now also have a UK telephone number that can be used for general enquiries regarding availability and courses. The number is 0844 561 0739 and this is local call rate from anywhere in the UK. The line is open 08:30 – 17:30 UK time and there is an answering machine for messages outside those hours. If you would like someone to call you back please for a more detailed discussion we are always happy to do that.

Alternatively, many people contact us using Skype. The school Skype name is aegeansailingschool and there is usually someone available there from about 09:00 – 18:30 Greek time.

We hope normal service will be resumed as soon as possible …

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