Behind the scenes: Winter Work


You ever wonder what happens in the lower season? Beside our brave customers coming for courses even during colder months, the quieter times give us a chance to work on deep maintenance. If I am honest, I also did not know at first what this period consists of exactly. I can imagine many of you might have the same questions. Now that I could follow the process from a closer perspective and gather more information, I believe I can give you all a better idea of what is going on behind the scenes. 


Our 12 yachts deserved to be pampered each year. That way, they will shine and perform best for all of you during your courses. They all have to be taken out of the water, for our amazing team to take care of them.

It starts in November, when the first half of our fleet is sailing away from the pontoon in Aegina town. After cruising for 40 minutes, they arrive into the maintenance yard. 


Each yacht is then one by one pulled out of the water on a special trailer. I must say, it is pretty impressive to watch, and believe me, the stress level for our team is at its highest at that exact moment. Boats are not supposed to be seen flying, the more you care about them, the scarier it is observing the 15,000 kilos yachts being placed up in the air.

Thankfully we have great trust in the yard team, who are professionals doing this on a daily basis.

Once steady on their stands, the yachts are ready to be worked on. Our internal team, hands in hands with external crews, proceeds to do engine maintenance, painting, anti fouling jobs, installing air conditioning (to survive those summer temperatures!), and other underwater maintenance tasks. All sails are also taken care of to provide students with the best materials possible. Of course, we also check all safety equipment on board to ensure the security of everyone. And lastly, each boat is put through our annual checkup to align with Greek charter licensing requirements. All the work done is thorough and requires efforts from our technical team Willem and Dimitris, Joris and Querijn who overviews the whole process and arrange everything, John, Jolle and Olivier giving a hand where they can when not busy with instructing. And not forgetting, local specialists for precise maintenance jobs, and the yard team of experts. 

In January, we proceed with a “boat switch”, where the first batch of ready yachts can leave the yard and go back to the harbour, and the next six yachts are being pulled out. You know it already, stress levels back up during the transition, but of course all went well! Currently, the last maintenance is being done and everyone is busier than ever to have everything in order for the season! In march the last boats will regain their premises and the year can go on. I always find it incredible how such long, intense, and very important work can be summarised so easily in a few words. But I hope I was able to capture for you the essence of what happens for us in the winter, while giving the needed credits to all our hard working participants. I am looking forward to welcoming all of you on our newly maintained school yachts!

See you soon on board, and sooner online!


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