Dramatic Rescue of MOB in the middle of the Pacific

Dramatic Rescue of MOB in the middle of the Pacific

A British man has told of the terrifying moment he was washed overboard from a yacht in the middle of the Pacific Ocean – then watched in horror as it disappeared from sight.

Andrew Taylor, who was taking part in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, a global race for amateur sailors, spent 90 minutes in freezing, stormy seas after a huge wave knocked him off the yacht he was sailing on earlier today.

The 46-year-old father from London was feared lost after he was swept out of view of his desperate crewmates around 2,500 miles from land.

But miraculously, after an hour of searching in horrendous weather conditions, Mr Taylor’s fluorescent life jacket was spotted.

The crew then performed a daring rescue operation which saw them expertly manoeuvre the boat close enough to Mr Taylor for one team member to grab hold of him.

He was dragged back onboard the boat alive.

The video above shows the Mayday call and rescue.

It’s easy to lose sight of someone falling overboard in these conditions but the crew used all their training to find him and bring him back on board safely.

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