Join our 4th Yacht Sailing to the Cyclades!

Join our 4th Yacht Sailing to the Cyclades!


Due to demand we’ve been persuaded to run four yachts on this year’s May mile-building trip, making it the biggest we’ve run to date. There are two final places available – and they will go to the first two people to book.

The adventure starts at Kalamaki Marina on Saturday 16 May – just over a month from now. This is a brilliant trip where you sail in one of the world’s most famous sailing areas, the Cycladic islands of Greece.

The Cyclades scenery is what many people think of as typically Greek – white buildings set against a backdrop of blue sky with a few palm trees scattered around.


We’ve run this trip annually for the past 10 years and for most people who participate, it’s one of the highlights of their sailing. Rarely do you get the opportunity to sail a big yacht amid such picturesque scenery with a group of like-minded individuals.

Several places on the fourth yacht were already booked but the two final cabins are still available.


With a favourable exchange rate, this trip may appeal to you particularly if your ‘home‘ currency isn’t the euro. You’ll get great value for your pound or dollar here in Greece this year. And, as you’l probably have to pay a little more for flights than those who booked earlier, I can give you a slightly reduced price on these last places to compensate for that. See later …


The route for the trip, as with all sailing, will be slightly weather-dependent, but most years we manage to sail as planned down through the Cyclades to the interesting island of Milos, and then back via the southern Peloponnese.

Likely Route for the May Milebuilder

Proposed Route for the May Milebuilder

The crew of six on each yacht are divided into three watches. Each watch takes turns to sail the boat, planning the route, steering and handling the sails, while the ‘off-watch’ crew help as required but also handle the day-to-day requirements for a happy ship – meals, coffee. There’s time to relax and enjoy the scenery, and each yacht will have an RYA Instructor on board to help you improve your skills and learn more.

With four yachts sailing, using the radio to keep in contact will be an important skill to acquire. Those who wish can take an online marine radio operator’s course beforehand and we can give you an exam at the end of the mile-builder to get your Marine Radio Operator’s licence.

morning briefing

In total we’ll have 24 crew from all over the world as well as our four instructors There are bound to be many interesting discussions both on-board and ashore.

You’ll eat in local tavernas at the islands you visit and have the opportunity to explore interesting places like Naxos Old Town and Ermiopolis, the capital of the Cyclades with its wonderful marble town square and pretty narrow streets.

back street ermoupolis

The details of the trip – you should aim to arrive at Alimos Marina, Kalamaki between 2pm and 4pm on Saturday 16 May. The marina is easy to reach from Athens airport by airport bus or taxi (we’ll try to put crews in touch with others arriving at the same time so you can share taxis). You’ll finish back in the marina the following Saturday morning and will be able to leave from about 10am on 24 May.

We have two cabins available. They are nice big, comfortable berths and the special price is 1050 euro for single occupancy (normally 1350 euro) We have one lady who is looking for another female to share a cabin so let me know if that interests you and I’ll give you a special price for that as well.

This price includes everything except getting to the boat and about 6 meals ashore during the trip. We provide everything else you’ll need – linen & towels, lifejackets and waterproofs, food while on board. Oh – don’t forget your sunscreen!

Contact me as soon as possible to reserve your place on this year’s Cyclades Adventure – the biggest yet!


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