Kim Pickup Sail


Kim Pickup Sail

We have bought each of our yachts a Kim pickup sail for this year. As both our yachts have swimming platforms it is relatively easy to bring back a person who has fallen in the water. This is not the case on all yachts.

As many of our clients intend to sail short-handed, perhaps as a husband and wife team, we wanted to find equipment that we could demonstrate that would be useful if one of them needed to be brought back on board.

The Kim pickup sails provide a quick and affordable solution to the man overboard problem.

Direction for use:

  • Fasten the bag to a rail
  • Attach halyard and deck webbing strap
  • Get casualty into Pickup sail
  • Hoist using the halyard winch

We will carry out some live testing and report on how easy they are to use (and pictures!) in a future posting.

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