King and Vieler families’ sailing holiday


King and Vieler families’ sailing holiday


On 4 August we welcomed Paul King and his sister, Lesley Vieler, with their families. Paul lives in England and Lesley in South Africa.

Their children are very close in age and get on famously, but had not seen each other for two years. There was great excitement when they all arrived and met up again in Greece.

Paul is a keen yachtsman but the sailing trip was a first for most of the party. The familes sailed on Zotelot and Valentine with instructors Suzanne and George respectively.

On their return to Aegina at the end of their 5-day course we arranged for these photographs to be taken.

The first picture below shows Valentine with crew Paul King, his wife Erica King, and daughters Evelyn King and Justine King. Underneath that are Zotelot’s crew – Jonathan Vieler, Lesley Vieler, daughters Amy Vieler and Stephanie Vieler, and Paul’s long time university friend, Steven Swart.

Crew of Valentine

Crew of Zotelot

And here are some photos of them in action sailing. Click on the thumbnails for an enlarged version.



August 26 – I’ve just received some more photographs by email from Paul. I think they are really good so am adding them here. I especially like the yachts under sail and will use them on our website when it is updated next.

Thanks Paul. (click on the images for large versions)



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