What’s the weather going to be like?

What’s the weather going to be like?

Our clients often ask me what weather they can expect during a particular month. Recent times have seen changes in the weather in Greece, like everywhere on the planet. It’s not as predictable as it was 20 years ago. As sailors you’ll be interested in both temperature and wind but in this post I’ve only covered temperatures. I’ll talk about wind speeds and direction at a later date.

I collected information from various weather sites and made some graphs. They are in both metric (°C) and imperial (°F) units for our American clients.

First, here’s what you can expect the temperatures to be like for each month – I’ve shown maximum daytime and minimum night-time temperatures for the area where you will be sailing. The islands are a little cooler than Athens so add a degree or two on if you plan to visit the city before or after your sailing trip with us. Swimming is going to be an important part of the experience in summer, so I’ve included the sea temperatures for each month.

Here are the average number of hours of sunshine each day and the average number of days with some rainfall. When looking at the rainfall figures, bear in mind that rain in Greece is not like that in northern Europe – you are more likely to get a strong downpour for an hour followed by sunshine than to have light rain or drizzle all day.

In June, July, August, and early September the weather is normally fairly stable and you are pretty well guaranteed sun every day. Outside that period the weather becomes more unsettled and unpredictable but you are still likely to get several days of nice weather, although not hot sun, whenever you come sailing in Greece.

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