12-Day Competent Crew, Navigation, & Day Skipper Package

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12-Day Competent Crew, Navigation, & Day Skipper Package

This is a very popular option as it makes the most of a two-week holiday. You’ll return to work refreshed and brandishing a handful of certificates of competence in your new skills.

You will need to do a little preparation for this course to ensure that you understand some basics of navigation and seamanship. You can do this online before you come to Greece, and we’ll explain how. Everything else we can teach you while you are with us.

Joining your yacht on Sunday, you spend the first five days taking a Competent Crew course but your instructor will also introduce you to simple navigation and chartwork.

You’ll follow this with a weekend studying more navigation and seamanship to bring you up to Day Skipper level. You’ll move ashore and stay in a hotel so you can study in comfort rather than on a swaying boat. This gives you a chance to recharge your batteries after a week at sea and maybe to catch up on doing some laundry …

Returning to the yacht on Sunday night you will complete your RYA Day Skipper Practical course over the next five days. You’ll put into practice what you have studied, including Med-mooring. We believe that if you first learn the theory, then you’ll make a better job of doing it for real.

If you are coming on a private course with friends or family it’s possible to book a full 12 days sailing, studying some theory each day, rather than over a weekend. You’ll still need to complete the online course before you come to us, unless you already have sufficient theoretical knowledge. This can be a better choice if you’ll have children with you. Please contact us if you are interested in this option.

What It Costs

The price is from 2350 EUR to 3050 EUR depending on the time of year and whether you are coming alone or with a partner or friend who will share your cabin*. This price includes absolutely everything except getting to us and evening meals, which are taken in local tavernas ashore. We also include coffee, refreshment drinks and fruits during the classroom course. You will only need to book accommodation for the Friday and Saturday night over the weekend between the two practical elements of this course.

On our yachts you’ll get freshly laundered linen & towels, good pillows, and bedding. We can lend you a breathable waterproof jacket as well to reduce the baggage you have to carry. Your RYA Competent Crew and RYA Day Skipper Practical course books are included, and for the theory course you’ll get a course pack, your own set of navigation tools and a simulation chart-plotter. We’ll also give you an RYA Logbook to record your mileage and the courses you have passed.

* we never expect you to share a cabin with someone you don’t know – or to sleep in the saloon! You’ll get a proper cabin.

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